21 September 2012

Kinect Physics Tutorial with Open NI

Courtesy of a good friend, Boyd, I found this tutorial on connecting Kinect with Processing. I am no Processing expert, but I hope to become proficient eventually. Not to mention this tutorial will help with  the struggle I've been facing with Simple OpenNI. Enjoy!

20 September 2012

Check out this TED Talk by Neil Harbisson: Imposed synesthesia with a color camera and frequency generator enhances this color blind man's sense of vision beyond normal human color spectrum. This an example of how technology imposed on the body, essentially turning us into cyborgs, can change and arguably improve our given senses.

02 August 2012

A pill that tells your doctor when you take it

This post is a little off-topic from my normal posts, but it's so impressive I had to document it.


A tiny sensor would be embedded into every pill you swallow.
Each sensor has the capability of tracking
1.  The time it is ingested
2. Heart rate
3. Sleeping patterns

... which are all transmitted to a mobile application on your phone, and your doctor's (with permission). Forgetful/lazy patients are now accountable to take their meds accurately and on time. I'm sure this technology will grow and become even more useful, hopefully with the ability to track other bodily functions that would help catch diseases prematurely. Perhaps ingesting a sensor for a month will be the new preventative care process - no doctor's visit or needle pokes necessary.

For official announcement, see: http://proteusdigitalhealth.com/proteus-digital-health-announces-fda-clearance-of-ingestible-sensor/

26 July 2012

Dorkbot San Francisco

Headed out to a cool event last night called Dorkbot. The room was filled with intelligent, creative, individual thinkers. The first speaker illuminated us with details on a clock currently being built to last (and function correctly) for 10,000 years. For some perspective, the last ice age ended approximately 10,000 years ago (ok, technically we are still in an ice age, but lets go with the incorrect vernacular here). The Long Now Foundation hosts this project an others in an effort to preserve history and foster long-term responsibility.

I went to see the Outerbody Experience Lab. It did not disappoint. In this installation, the subject wears goggles that allow him to see himself only through the view of a camera in the room. The idea came from the question of how the sense of sight influences sense of self - the results are remarkable, actually, but need further analysis. The installation now travels to galleries, shows, and parties to bring the experience to the people and further research. We hope to go in the next few weeks to experience it for ourselves.

25 July 2012

Google's Interactive Spaces API

Google announces new API called Interactive Spaces that allows programmers to connect "producers" (cameras/sensors) and "consumers" (floor, people, pets etc.) to allow for design of complex interaction within the space. Limitless possibilities with creative minds...

get it here

25 May 2012

LEAP Motion

Super excited about LEAP Motion, a San Francisco based company building some of the most sophisticated and sensitive motion capture hardware and software. I predict this and other technology like it will revolutionize limitless arenas of work and play. I sent in my application for an SDK, but the demand for kits was much higher than LEAP expected, and will be reviewing applications for what will likely be quite a while.

Not a bad thing that I'm soon going to call the SF area home, too...