02 August 2012

A pill that tells your doctor when you take it

This post is a little off-topic from my normal posts, but it's so impressive I had to document it.


A tiny sensor would be embedded into every pill you swallow.
Each sensor has the capability of tracking
1.  The time it is ingested
2. Heart rate
3. Sleeping patterns

... which are all transmitted to a mobile application on your phone, and your doctor's (with permission). Forgetful/lazy patients are now accountable to take their meds accurately and on time. I'm sure this technology will grow and become even more useful, hopefully with the ability to track other bodily functions that would help catch diseases prematurely. Perhaps ingesting a sensor for a month will be the new preventative care process - no doctor's visit or needle pokes necessary.

For official announcement, see: http://proteusdigitalhealth.com/proteus-digital-health-announces-fda-clearance-of-ingestible-sensor/