17 November 2011

Thesis = passed!

See the final product at:


  1. Hello.
    I´m nursing and music therapy student from Kuopio, Finland. And i actually started developing same kind of program for the mental healt patients as my thesis about six months ago, and were doing this development project with physiotherpists- and occupational therapists students to create kinect program for the elderly, people with disabilities and so on...
    well your MIST seemed really nice, and i was wondering are you selling that MIST program or is it free to download some where. we´re interested to explore it...
    and it would be nice to hear more about this MIST.

    Terveisin/best regads

    Heikki Myöhänen
    Savonia University of Applied Sciences

    1. Hello Heikki,
      Thank you for your interest! The program is not yet available for download, but we are working towards that goal as we speak. Unfortunately I don't have a timeline yet for when it will be available to the general public, but I am very interested in getting it out especially to people doing similar research. I would love to hear more about the research you are doing, too, and I would be happy to discuss my project with you via email or skype. My email address is kim.headlee at gmail dot com.